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Spring 2015 Report

Happy Spring 2015! The ice was thick this year and the winter almost as brutal as last year. We made it. The ice was about 24 thick in places, so the oxygen levels had to be down.

When the ice melts and the winds increase, lakes and ponds go through a period called "turnover", which is the process of water turning over from top to bottom. When this happens, residents are apt to see some dead fish. This is usually the result of "winterkill", caused by a harsh winter with thick ice.  This type of fish kill typically does not affect the overall health of fish populations or the quality of fishing. Click here for more information on fish kills.

On another note, fishing in April on White Lake is limited to pan fish only. Walleye and pike season does not open until May 1st. The water temperature is about 40 degrees in the lake, so be aware. The canals are heating up and you can see the algae blooms starting when the sun appears. Lake treatment should start soon. Good luck on your angling.

There will be a White Lake Fishing Tournament this year on Saturday June 13th. More detail to follow.


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Fishing Advisories

The Michigan Department of Community Health, which issues fish advisories for all water bodies in Michigan, indicates that the levels of contaminants in White Lake are relatively good in comparison to other inland lakes, and especially good in comparison to rivers and the Great Lakes. The current statewide advisory more than adequately provides safeguards for consumption of fish from White Lake. Information regarding advisories and consumption of fish is available at www.michigan.gov/fishandgameadvisory

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