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Spring 2016 Report

2016 has presented itself as a challenge for ice fishermen since there were only 2 weeks that one could ice fish this year. Ice did not form on our lake until after the new year. It never got over 8 inches thick, and safe ice was limited. Climate change can be blamed, but it is what it was.

April is a no fishing month but opening day is just around the corner for pike and walleye (last weekend of April/May). Good luck since the water is still very cold but the fishing maybe hot. Let me know.

The White Lake Citizens League Fishing Tournament is coming soon. The date is Saturday June 11th, which is a free fishing weekend. Mark this on your calendar.

On a separate note, over the winter I met the real White Lake Fisherman. His name is Brian. He has fished White Lake for many years, and knows the lake for fishing better than anyone I know. Brian has won many tournaments on the lake, and usually participates in the Tuesday tournament (and usually wins it). He limits out his catches almost every time. His secret... live bait. Yes, there is more than that but he is quite the fisherman. I plan on going out with him in the future. I will let you know how we did.

Good luck and see you at our tournament,

The White Lake Fisherman


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Fishing Advisories

The Michigan Department of Community Health, which issues fish advisories for all water bodies in Michigan, indicates that the levels of contaminants in White Lake are relatively good in comparison to other inland lakes, and especially good in comparison to rivers and the Great Lakes. The current statewide advisory more than adequately provides safeguards for consumption of fish from White Lake. Information regarding advisories and consumption of fish is available at www.michigan.gov/fishandgameadvisory

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